AHE Granite Lifetime Warranty

AHE Granite (AHE) provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original Owner of the installed AHE product. Unlike a standard granite warranty, AHE provides customers with an extended Warranty that covers installation and fabrication defects of granite countertop products.

The Warranty covers the countertop product shall be free from manufacturing and installation defects for so long as the original Owner owns the product. Although the product is carefully inspected prior to shipping and after installation, it is the Owners responsibility to thoroughly inspect the product upon receipt.

Any damage to the product thereafter not due to installation or manufacture defect is the responsibility of the Owner.

This Lifetime Limited Warranty covers only AHE products fabricated and installed by AHE fabricators and installers. Any purchase of a AHE fabricated and installed product is included in the Warranty.

The Warranty does not cover product where damage is occurred by the countertop usage or structural support problems. The product may not be removed, adjusted, or modified from the original installation position by AHE; any adjustments or modifications of the AHE product will void this warranty.


This warranty is Limited. The Owner’s sole and exclusive agreement against AHE shall be at the sole option of AHE, to repair or replace the defective countertop based on the installation, or refund the purchase price of the particular countertop. Any costs above the original purchase price for the sq ft replaced may be charged to the owner of the countertop.

The replacement cost will be paid based on the price AHE was paid by the particular customer, vendor, or contractor that paid for the product. Replacement refunds do not include markups paid by the customer to the vendor, dealer, or contractor. The replacement cost is only paid on the sq ft being replaced.

The owner of the countertop is paid for the sq ft that would be replaced. Meaning, the total cost of repayment is for the sq ft replaced, not the cost of the entire project.

All additional charges shall be charged to the owner of the countertop and be paid in full before replacement occurs.

The Warranty is limited to AHE. Meaning, no representative, account manager, dealer, employee, or installer is authorized to make, modify, or change this Warranty. No agreement orally or written, in any way or form, is authorized to change this Warranty from the original warranty writing other unless modified by AHE.

AHE holds the rights to cancel all Warranty Claims at any time without any sufficient reason/reasons.


This Warranty shall be null or void unless the product is paid in full. If the product was bought through a AHE dealer or vendor, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure AHE was paid in full from the vendor for the owner’s countertops. Non-payment from a vendor, dealer, or contractor voids the warranty even if the owner paid the vendor, dealer, or contractor in full for the product.

The Warranty covers manufacturing and installation defects. This warranty does not cover abnormal use, misuses or physical or chemical abuse or exposure. Direct or sustained heat or rapid change in temperature, exposure to chemicals, force, pressure applied by a person or object, or cracks, chips, or scratches from regular use.

This warranty does not cover insufficient or poorly designed support, cabinets, structures that may cause damage, cracks, fishers, or chips to the countertop.

The warranty does not cover AHE countertop product installed in moving vehicles including, but not limited to water craft, ships, boats, aircraft, trailers, or RV’s.

This warranty does not cover cost beyond the cost of the countertops and replacement. Tear out, freight, demolition, and disposal may occur extra charges.

AHE is not responsible for any damages, injury, loss of rental income, job site conditions, structural movements, or accidents that might occur from replacement of a countertop or existing countertop usage.

All Warranty claims must be made within 15 days of when the owner knows a warranty claim must be made.

This warranty does not cover stains on light and white color stones; and does not cover any damage occurred by chemical use on the countertops.

This warranty does not cover countertop exposed to excess sun light or outdoor countertop applications.

This warranty is void if AHE determines the proper maintenance according to the Marble Institute of America standards was not followed.


In order for AHE to fulfill its warranty agreement, AHE may request the following: AHE must be given sufficient time to inspect the countertop, evaluate, and respond to any Warranty Claim.

AHE may request photos by the owner of the countertop to be presented to AHE before an on-site inspection may occur. Failure of delivery of photos will result in inspection delays and/or inspection cancellation.

If AHE determines from submitted photos by the countertop owner that the countertop product is not covered under warranty; The countertop owner will be charged a $100.00 hour service charge for site inspection or job site repair; including, but not limited to fuel surcharges, energy surcharges, travel time, and/or drive time.

AHE has the sole rights to determine the outcome of the warranty action.

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